OTK Original Used Parts

A selection of 100% original and 100% functional OTK kart parts. 

Save between 35% and 40% on the new list price of 100% original OTK parts. Many parts are just as functional after being used including brake discs, pedals, bodywork, mounts, wheels, wheel hubs, axle supports, frames, foot rests, steering wheels, steering columns, spindles/stub axles, castor/camber discs, brake calipers

100% original, 100% functional OTK kart parts that have been pre-owned or have been slightly used. All parts are original and in full working condition. The only difference between these parts and new parts is superficial (small scratches or slight discolouring). In many cases it is not possible to see that the part has been used. Pre-owned OTK parts allow the customer to save up to 40% on the new list price, without compromising performance.